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Exercise based on “Fahrenheit 451”


An L-system or Lindenmayer system is a parallel rewriting system, namely a variant of a formal grammar, most famously used to model the growth processes of plant development, but also able to model the morphology of a variety of organisms. Wikipedia

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Städtebau Analyse

für Eva Gronbach’s Flagship Store

Eva Gronbach is a fashion designer from Cologne that needed a flagship store in her hometown.

Cologne grew in sectors from the Rhein to the west but has always had its “anti-town” on the other side of the river. Nowadays it grows towards a radial composition.

The spot given for the project was a forgotten lot in a very important knot of the city, that links the east-west axe with the city ring. This spot is seen by hundreds of people everyday and has a U-Bahn and Bus station to cover right in front. Commercial and announcement purposes are specially interesting in this spot.

The building must tie the eclectic surrounding together and add something new and interesting to look at in order to atract customers that pass by everyday.


The era of automata as recall for industrial culture.


Main view of the store


Interior of the store






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Cologne’s Alter Markt, center of the historical city, has been under construction for long time due to the new UBahn station that is being built under the plaza. The elevator and scalator for the acces to the station was set on the lot of the Rotes Haus, therefore, this old red house had to be demolished. What would fill that gap? What kind of building could close the plaza and give an intention to the lot? A gothic town hall is next to it, can we bring gothic into the 21st Century?


 A steel structure is proposed to cover the lot with ivy. Ivy leaves have a great area of gas exchange and that makes ivy one of the most frequently used plants for “air-cleaning”, the steel structure would recall the shapes of nature and would hold the ivy. LED lights would be integrated in the structure, so the urban shelter during the day can transform into a landmark at night, dragging attention from locals and visitors, positioning the UBahn station and the town hall.

This project has been published in the Kölner Wochenspiegel, you can see it here [Deutsch]

The other proposals can be checked at the Kölner Haus- und Grunbesitzerverein webpage here [Deutsch]

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Four Freedoms Park como ventana al resto del planeta.

Live 3D Section from Pablo Humanes on Vimeo.

The view of the section is controlled by my phone’s acceloremeter through OSC in a live 3D rendered environment with TouchDesigner.

¿Cómo construimos esto?

Un basamento de hormigón previo a una estructura triangulada de acero que sostendrá una estructura bidireccional que sujetará la malla metálica sobre la que se realizarán las proyecciones.

Los nuevos métodos de producción digital permitirían la fabricación de grandes cantidades de elementos distintos sin aumentar mucho los costes.

Así por ejemplo, podemos ver el desglose de las barras y nudos de un cuadrante de la cúpula.

El polestireno expandido puede ser tallado mediante robots de control numérico de tal manera que estos bloques de 3x3m podrían conformar el negativo de la forma a construir para más tarde ser reutilizado el material para crear nuevos bloques.

^Click on the image to enlarge

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Proyecto de mejora de los accesos peatonales y de bicicletas al Detroit Superior Bridge de Cleveland, Ohio.

Trabajo realizado junto con Sandra García, Natalia Reglero y María Sánchez.

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El hormigón puede ser llevado un paso más allá para lograr una mejor integración con los materiales que están siendo más utilizados ultimamente. Creando una carcasa quebarada de hormigón para un edificio de estructura ligera de acero y vidrio se podría controlar la luz y la temperatura, además de conseguir una apariencia innovadora e imponente que combina la potencia del hormigón con la transparencia del vidrio.


Aplicando las cáscaras quebradas de hormigón a cajas de acero y vidrio se podría construir este gimnasio propuesto para el Parque de Roma en Madrid.

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This roundabout in between two gas stations would be able to generate electricity for the new electric cars (eventhough landmark is misspelled everywhere).