Flagship Store

February 16, 2013

Städtebau Analyse


für Eva Gronbach’s Flagship Store

Eva Gronbach is a fashion designer from Cologne that needed a flagship store in her hometown.

Cologne grew in sectors from the Rhein to the west but has always had its “anti-town” on the other side of the river. Nowadays it grows towards a radial composition.

The spot given for the project was a forgotten lot in a very important knot of the city, that links the east-west axe with the city ring. This spot is seen by hundreds of people everyday and has a U-Bahn and Bus station to cover right in front. Commercial and announcement purposes are specially interesting in this spot.

The building must tie the eclectic surrounding together and add something new and interesting to look at in order to atract customers that pass by everyday.



The era of automata as recall for industrial culture.



Main view of the store


Interior of the store